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Carrying out a communicative act entails an adaptation to certain logical patterns
characteristic of the language chosen in each case. We could even state that language
has a tendency to speak despite the subject and in doing so, the communicative ability
of the speaker remains unconsciously dissolved. Language speaks and thus, silences the
subject. This auscultation of the communicative medium is an essential part of
Eric Bocanegra’s work. An intense conversation of our artist with his medium makes possible the introspective process through which he reaches his space of expression. At the same time,
a parallelism between this practice and the location of the subject in society sets up. In his work
we contemplate the distance between the characters and the aggressive social
communicative medium that we are part of nowadays.

The projection of characters on simple strokes and his game on the pureness of colors
make possible a controlled access to his expression; an expression that aspires to
communicate through the sensitive foundations and the creation of inherent symbols.
The careful selection of working material has as a consequence an intense outcome in
the shape of textures and shine, innate to the environment set in each artefact.
Through a process of deep introspection Eric Bocanegra identifies his own strokes
with what wants to be shown and in it we find the key to his expressive success, for he
appeals to what is not circumstantial of all subject to generate the distance between the
spectator and the surrounding world. By means of the portrait of characters the spectator
is drawn to strangeness, to an unheard of part of existence, that isolation within culture
that leads him to connect with the subtleties of conscience and shock.

This process does not lack violence and a certain monstrosity, the same with which
conscience is obstructed in the walls of decay.

Rafael Ortiz Izco
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