eric bocanegra
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Born in Östersund, Sweden, on November 25th 1980. Aged 18 months he
moved to Barcelona with his mother.

His passion for painting is developed from early childhood, with the help
of his father and his extensive art book collection. Expressive inquisitiveness
springs in adolescence and takes shape through writing, film making and
drawing and entangles in the pursue of a way that would meet his needs.
Alas, he fails.

At 25, after years of fruitless creation and an unstable life story, Eric finds
in painting a fascinating and stimulating way of creating. He develops a style
that lets him unleash his imaginery, fantasies and anxieties. Painting becomes
his life.

Eric Bocanegra is the author of a very personal and unmistakable work,
impregnated in a peculiar sense of humor. The seed of his creative process
resides in his tireless introspective search, in the extreme sensitivity with which
he lives every experience and in an almost sickly obsession for language, the
ineffable and the unrepeatable. All this leads to a fascinating world of solitary and
multiform characters that allows him to build, in the hermetic atmosphere of his
studio, a sense that is indispensable for him to survive the absurdity of reality.

photo by Vitor Schietti